The city of Chao Talk is a fabled megalopolis hidden away in the darkest corners of the Chao World. While the tales speak of a land of opportunity, where anything is possible, the actual city is a lethal deathtrap that is slowly being corrupted by a deadly virus known as Red Metal.


Chao Talk was established centuries ago by a group of colonial chao. They set up the city with the goal of having a place where all the world's finest minds can live together and work in peace. Everything was hunky-dorey. :D

One day, the city's top scientists at Daedalus Laboratories opened a dimensional gateway and discovered a substance they dubbed "Red Metal." The substance destroys everything it touches, and it is said to distort gravity (or rather, reality) in such a way as to drive anyone exposed to it either dead or insane. The Red Metal quickly spread throughout the city, leaving some sections of the city in ruin and others completely intact. Some districts became what seemed to be either the inner workings of an lunatic's imagination, or just a gateway to another dimension.

One chao, a mister Wilson Constable Kilburn, was able to seal the Red Metal away in technology advanced far beyond any other. The technology sealed the rest of the city off with a "puzzle mechanism," turning most of the city into essentially a labyrinth. When certain puzzles are solved, access to the Daedalus Labs is granted, and when the puzzles within the labs are solved, the Red Metal is set free.

Another person, a chao by the name of Nomble, was mutated heavily by the Red Metal. It is said he was mutated so heavily that he can travel throughout the city in ways no mind can comprehend. It is also said that he roams the corridors and streets of the Chao Talk, looking for any adventurers or explorers. When he finds them, he manifests into the only physical form that our minds can recognize-- a screaming face. This face mysteriously slaughters any innocent bystander who comes near. It is said he kills them so they do not go through a much more gruesome fate via the Red Metal.


The contents of the city (the many buildings, puzzles, and scenarios) are all based off (or directly taken from) Turrican's "secretcity" maps for the Half-Life modification Sven Co-op.

The Nomble is also a part of the secretcity maps. Some parts of the city (namely, the parks) are based off of the "omg" maps by the same person.

The Tour Guide, however, is DJay32's own creation.

The name "Chao Talk" comes from the forum that DJay made the majority of DCA for, including both serials/scripts featuring the city. The forum can be found here.


Episode 24, the first to feature Chao Talk.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

DCA09, "The Secret City." Feature-length script about the chao's second venture into Chao Talk.

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