DCA09 Promo

Promotional picture for DCA09; Nomble on left, Tour Guide on right (drawn by DJay32)

Dark Chao Adventures 2009, "The Secret City," is a feature-length script that was in development for over a year (..technically). It stars the chao as they wake up in Chao Talk halfway through Season Five. This time, other characters take the role of main protagonist, with people such as Dark, Shade Junior, the Poker Gang, the MILKMAN, and even Rakshawl taking center-stage. DCA09 was released on May 29, 2009.

Plot synopsisEdit

The script opens in the TV room, as the MILKMAN and JOE discuss odd occurances in Chao Talk. A lone figure in a robe is seen standing on a clock tower. The scene switches to the gardens, as Hero, SShade and Mecha Knuckles find themselves alone. They explore behind the Neutral Garden waterfall and find some sort of pod. The pod takes them to the entertainment center in Chao Talk, where Mecha is then destroyed by the Nomble. The opening credits roll.

The MILKMAN and JOE comment on the goings-on, then continue watching as the first chapter begins. (1) The chao find He, and explore the building. After spending some time in a small living room, they resume exploration and find a maze of filing cabinets. They get lost and fall into a door in the floor. (2) The door took them back to the living room, where some things are out of place. The chao decide to go to the nearby cafeteria, and as they exit the room, walk right back into it. A door is now in the floor, which they enter, and fall into the same room, but find it flipped at a 90-degree angle. Dark is in this new room, and they group together and pass through a room with a giant, spinning chair. They drop down into a dark, yellow chamber, where Tail is waiting for them. More exploration takes them through a water-filled puzzle room, and to a room where the Tails Doll is being kept. They help him out and continue moving.

(3) The gang moves through various reality-defying rooms and finds a crossroads, at which point they decide to go to the right. Dark hears a voice urging him to come to the left, so he follows some creepy corridors until he finds a figure in a cloak who calls himself "the Tour Guide." The MILKMAN and JOE comment, stating how the Tour Guide is the same figure seen at the start of the script. The camera cuts to the rest of the gang, who find Shade and fall down a pit. (4) Back with Dark, the Tour Guide leads him through odd rooms, then leaves him by himself in a dark mineshaft. At the bottom of the mine, Dark finds himself back in the living room, albeit the room is massive. He explores more, gets lost, then eventually finds the Tour Guide speaking with someone. Dark is noticed, and he is chased up to some earlier corridors, where the Tour Guide strikes a deal with him. Dark is sent back to the rest of the chao, as long as he keeps quiet about the meeting, and does not poke his nose into things. Back with the others, they find themselves in a park where Shadow Bonic informs them that they are in OMG Park.

(5) Knuckle joins the gang, and they discover that they will respawn when they die. They then proceed to have some fun while exploring the deathtrap that is OMG Park. (6) Dark realizes that he has become much smarter. The exploration takes the chao to an odd cannon, which fires the chao to... (7) the Chao Talk City Hall! Speedy is there, waiting for them. The Tails Doll is suddenly abducted by a hole in the wall, followed by Dark, before the hole is quickly sealed. Within the hole in the wall, Dark explores a dark cave until he finds the Tour Guide interrogating the Tails Doll. The doll is murdered, and the Guide spots Dark. (8) The Tour Guide tells Dark of an office within the city, called the Deluxe Office, that he must go to. Dark is then sent back to the others, only for him to get the others to blast the hole in the wall open again so they can enter the cave, solve some puzzles, and cross a river of lava. At the end of the chapter, Chao finds the gang.

(9) The chao solve yet another puzzle, and break out of the City Hall. Out in the city, Purflee the second is found, who warns everyone not to go to the Deluxe Office. They decide to find their way to the hedge maze they entered last time they were here, and set off. Dark and Shadow Bonic stay behind and discuss the mysterious Tour Guide. (10) Shadow Bonic falls down a drainage pipe just before he mentions the name of the Tour Guide's master, and Dark jumps in behind him. There, he finds the Tour Guide carrying Bonic away; Dark gives chase. Many rooms later, the Guide turns to Dark and convinces him to help save "Slidje," who is in trouble. Then... IT'S A TRAP!!! The Tour Guide leads both chao into the Nomble (who turns out to be the Guide's master). The chao just manage to escape.

(11) Dark and Shadow Bonic exit the sewers and find the rest of the chao in the Office of Death district. There, the two save them from the Nomble, and Buddy makes his entrance. Shadow Bonic is able to convince the rest of the group to go to the Deluxe Office. Night falls by the time they reach it, and the team splits up to explore the humongous building. (12) No one finds anything, so everyone heads down to the basement (and Tail heads into a bomb shelter). Across a quick little puzzle, they find themselves at a large maze. (13) At the end of the maze, they fall through a floor, and find Dark-Hawk. He says Chaosky and Phantom had fell down a seemingly bottomless pit, and not respawned. Dark discovers a hidden passageway, and everyone follows. They keep moving on through strange rooms, while Dark and Shadow Bonic discover ANOTHER hidden passageway. It leads to a secret dancehall. The Tour Guide arrives, and isn't too happy about their discovery. The two run away until they find everyone stuck at a puzzle.

(14) Dark utilizes a strange block to both knock out the Tour Guide and solve the new puzzle. Past this is another maze, followed by another. Aqua meets the chao this time, and tells them that the Tour Guide was spotted in the chamber below. Dark and Shadow Bonic rush down to confront him. He tells them that he has locked Phantom, Chaosky, Honey, and Quartz away in passages. He also explains that they need four stone tablets to move on, then he leaves. The rest of the chao arrive, learn the situation, and go through, (15) saving everyone and getting the tablets. They head through some more strange corridors and wind up lost outside some form of frozen temple. Metal Sonic is found, and is terrified of something called "Red Metal." The chao find no way out from this area, so they kill themselves and respawn.

(16) Back in the office, the chao explore a secret headquarters underground, and find Luis. They end up going through more weird stuff, then Dark finds the Tour Guide in some colorful room somewhere. The Guide tells Dark that the Red Metal has been around for a long time, and that the last place the chao must explore is called the Daedalus Laboratories. The rest of the chao find out, and they head for its location-- just opposite the City Hall. They must gather three puzzle pieces to enter. (17) The third-party chao get one puzzle piece. (18) Metal, Shade, Dark, and Shadow Bonic find a robotic Tour Guide and get a puzzle piece. (19) Everyone groups up and gets the next piece, thus opening the door to the labs. (20) Only a few steps into the lab, and already the chao have to deal with a rocket turret. So they do. Then, as the next door opens, the Tour Guide knocks them out and saves them from impending doom as the Red Metal floods the labs.

It turns out that the Tour Guide is really Shade and Dark's son, Shade Junior. (21) He explains how the Beta Avengers' plan didn't cope too well with him, so he was kicked out and sent to Chao Talk. There, he made a deal with the Nomble-- he will work as a Tour Guide as long as he is not killed. The chao ask Junior to help out more often, to which he agrees. The MILKMAN and JOE recognize Junior, and begin watching more observantly. Metal Speedy goes to do more research on the city. (22) The chao realize that the Red Metal has torn apart their surroundings, turning the area into some twisted form of a city. They head into the labs (finding out that they need four more puzzle pieces to progress), and the scene switches to Mecha and the Tails Doll, who find themselves in some dark, spooky section of the city. They find the Tour Guide, who leads them somewhere. The chao explore the labs a bit.

(23) Then back with the Guide, he leads Mecha and the Doll towards the dark and twisted train station, then goes off to talk with the Nomble. The MILKMAN and JOE are told by Metal Speedy that there have been reports of a Tour Guide haunting the city for generations, despite Shade Junior only just being banished there. At the same time, the chao are led through some vents by a cloaked figure, and Shade Junior tells Mecha and the Doll to turn back, as they were led the wrong way by mistake. The cloaked figure tells Dark to enter a door, and he steps toward it.

(24) As the MILKMAN and JOE watch in fear, Dark slowly approaches the door. Just as it opens, he hears a voice call for him, turns, and sees Shade Junior next to the cloaked figure, who disappears. Mecha and the Doll are then led away by the same cloaked figure, and Dark is then brutally murdered by the Nomble. (25) Shade Junior argues with the Nomble, then finds out some good news and leaves to save the Poker Gang. Speaking of, Mecha and the Doll are blindly led into a cage before Shade Junior arrives and fights the "Guide to the Afterlife." Junior defeats him, and runs off to help the two. The MILKMAN and JOE, having been able to see the identity of this new guide, speak in confusion of how it doesn't make sense. (26) The chao get some more puzzle pieces and Shade Junior accidentally sends Mecha and the Doll off to the second OMG park. He (the chao) then gets the final puzzle piece.

(27) (More to come!)




Title credits

1: This Seems Familiar

2: 1408, Chao Edition

3: Mad Dash into the Beyond

4: The Cage, the REAL Mine, and the 1408

5: "Chao Talk's Version of a Suicide Booth"

6: Homicidal Suicide Disorder

7: Sledge-HAMMA!

8: The Deluxe Office Multiplex

9: Breaking out of City Hall

10: No More Mister Nice Guy

11: secretcity5beta

12: Office Space Balls

13: The Mysterious Wall of Bricks

14: The Four Stone Tablets

15: The Ice Temple

16: Secret Shell HQ

Ultimate secret, talk with Tour Guide

17: The Retinal Damage Puzzle Piece (Never-Ending Maze of Despair)

18: The Tripmine Puzzle Piece (Dramatic Face-off)

19: The Speed Tunnel Puzzle Piece (Unlocking the Door)

20: A Surprising Security System

21: Flashback!

22: Just How Dangerous IS Red Metal?

23: The Tour Guide Makes a Comeback

24: Run to the Hills... Run for your Life!

25: The Guide to the Afterlife

26: No Turning Back

27: Interdimensional Gateways?

28: Livin' in the City

29: Lore of Chao Talk

30: A Lot of Stuff Happens in this Chapter

31: Taking Care of Business

32: Beneath the Elevator Shaft

33: But Where are They Now?

34: From Terrifying to Worse

35: From Hyper to Ultra

36: Our Heroes

37: Reports Chapter One: Arrival Center

38: Reports Chapter Two: Office Complex 38.5: Reports Chapter Six: Daedalus Labs

39: Metal Figures it Out

40: That was Fast

41: A Shaded Past 41.8: After the Ordeal

42: Dark Chao Role-Playing Game 42.5: Dark Chao Adventures 42.7: The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

43: Triggering the Shadows of the City

44: The Poker Gang, STARS of the Show!

45: Something Wrong

46: Rakshawl?

47: Back from the Dead, it's....

48: Left 3 Shade-- "Mercy.exe, File Not Found"

49: A Plan 49.5: The Secret Triggers in the Labs

50: Confronting Zero 50.5: A Battle Around the City

51: The Island of Death

52: Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside the Vehicle at all Times 52.5: Ram this Vehicle into the Ground!

53: OMG SECRET TRIGGARZ 53.5: Have You Been Able to Get the Beverage Machine to Work Yet?

54: Who IS the Original? 54.9: IT'S NOMBLE TIME

55: Echoes in the Wind

56: What the F-Troop? 56.5: Left 3 Shade-- "Bloody Harvey"

57: Outskirts 57.5: Dreams of an Absolute Epilogue

58: Question Mark?

59: The Pied Piper

60: Struck by the Thunders of Life

61: The Talk of the Tour Guides

62: All Clear

63: The Poop Hits the Paddles

64: Chilling to the Bone

65: "Kilburn"

66: All's Well that Fares Well.... Right?


End Credits


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