In order to make the story more complex, DJay made maps for all the areas, making it easier to keep track of things AND to keep continuity of sorts. Shown is Scruple/Tenebrosity, setting of most of Act II.

Sinister Serials of the Dark is the 2010 Halloween special of Dark Chao Adventures. DJay32 worked on it from late March 'til 3 in the morning of Halloween, itself, until it was finished. It takes place mostly in the forest of Sancheria, where Shade, Shadow, Dark and Red explore on October thirty-first. The two bonus stories this year feature Shadow recalling an encounter on a highway, as well as the Poker Gang (plus Mephiles) checking out an abandoned house.

DJay tried his best to make the special as scary as he possibly could. Inspirations for the stories include (but are not limited to): The Shining (plus other works of Stephen King, namely From a Buick 8), Marble Hornets, Nightmare House, the works of Ramsay Campbell, Paranormal Entity, EverymanHYBRID, old adventure games (such as Myst and Silent Hill), Metal Gear Solid 4, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, and some of DJay's own dreams and fears. The main influences, however, were Stephen King, Marble Hornets, and Metroid.

Plot synopsisEdit

The serial begins with a disclaimer, informing that the characters, events, and settings are all fictitious (with the exception of Entry 46, "Bound to a Stream of Consciousness," which was based on a true story). It then opens with the Overture, the opening poem, before rolling the opening credits and then beginning Tale One.

Urban LegendsEdit

Tale One consists of the transcript of an audio interview between a psychiatrist and Shadow the Dark chao. Apparently, the mere tale of how Shadow obtained the second chaos drive was enough to question Shadow's sanity, thus he was sent to the shrink. According to Shadow's narrative, he, Shade, Dark, Red, and Future Shade were walking down a highway (following the events of Episode 63) when they spotted a slender man. The man disappears, and then the chao encounter an old man in a shed. This man warns them of the man they saw earlier before disappearing into his closet. The chao then leave. The transcript ends there.

Hide and SeekEdit

ACT I: Tale Two, the feature-length feature presentation, begins where Episode 73 left off. The chao find themselves on a hill overlooking a forest, discuss the confusions of their last adventure, then go on into the forest. They explore and find two things: a vista overlooking an aisle of trees, and a village. In the village, they meet the village Chief, who gives Shadow the chaos drive and tells them to leave. They ATTEMPT to leave, only to find themselves lost. They retreat back to the village, where the Chief lets them stay for the day/night. Shade decides it's time for the chao to have their next adventure, Dark goes to the toilet, Shadow has a few scares, and Red explores the surroundings of the village. THEN, the chao dress up as the Marble Hornets crew, and set off into the forest after being told where not to go by the Chief.

ACT II: The tale resumes with the chao setting off at 8 PM. They explore the surrounding woods and find an outpost left by possible other travelers, and spot what looks like another traveler spying on them from atop the trees. They find a river, follow it, then ride a raft down it only to have to get off a few acres later by a valley path. Up the path, they wake up in a small town called "Scruple," at midday. No trees anywhere in sight. A couple of fetch-quests later, Red deduces that they are traveling between "realities," and upon entering one, they feel a sensation of "waking up." Red also acquires a night-vision mask, and the chao enter a darker reality with an industrial town named "Tenebrosity." In Tenebrosity, there is a massive factory looming overhead. Inside, all hell breaks loose, climaxing with a 'boss battle' against a giant spider, followed by a fear-induced panic-run to get out. Once out, they find themselves back in Scruple with a mysterious videotape. Shadow stresses out, so he rests by a tree, only for Red to rush the gang out of town as fast as possible. The act ends as Red reminds them that there are no trees in Scruple.

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Read "Sinister Serials of the Dark" on the official DCA site.

Listen to "Sinister Serials of the Dark" in audio format on the official DCA site.

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