Jordan color by loglc-d37oy7d

Totally accurate drawing of DJay32 by Logic.

Jordan Dooling (born January 2, 1995) is the creator of Dark Chao Adventures, among other things. He goes by the internet alias of DJay32, and is currently eighteen, which is a bit too old to be talking about chao fanfiction. He is British, lives in Cornwall, and.. he can make people laugh. Generally.

Early life (..well, WHOLE life)Edit

Jordan was born in a log cabin in an hospital in Ashford of Middlesex county, in England. When he was six, his parents moved to the United States of America. On January 5, 2005, Jordan got his own computer, and he spent a long time on the internet. more time than he should have. He didn't have many friends when he was ten. :c

He spent some time on the internet.. and sometime in May, he came across the Chao Civic forums. That day, he made a topic for DCA, and the next day, he made Episode 1. After the forums shut down, Jordan actually completely forgot all about DCA for around a year and a half. Then, on December 21, 2006, while working on some random blog, he remembered his old show, and brought it back to life. He made a new Season Two, and eventually forgot about the show AGAIN a few episodes into Season Three. Then, in April of 2007, he wandered into the Chao Talk forums, and he brought DCA to what would be its biggest audience ever. He made DCRPG there, as well as every season of DCA up to the start of Season Seven. On August the seventh, 2010, Jordan and his family moved back to England to live in Windsor, where he made DCAHall3, as well as the rest of the seventh season.

He moved to America in August of 2011 and things got really stressful. He moved back to England in December and has been there ever since. In February of 2012, Jordan started work on Episode 81 and the events leading up to the end of DCA.


Among many other things, Jordan is a rather polite young lad... and... he believes in female supremacy. He's not too fond of his parents, but then again, who IS? He enjoys a good game of Rock Band, and maybe the occasional Metroid, and he will never say "No" to a stimulating round of Half-Life. While he may have a lot more friends than he gives himself credit for, he always seems to be at home, alone.

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