Dark, dressing as a toaster for Halloween '07 (picture by Invader mLe)

Dark is a regular Dark chao, the second-in-command of the Dark Garden, and is Shade's best friend. He is often considered to be the least intelligent of the chao, but occasionally acts even smarter than Shade. Dark is the most commonly-used form of comic relief in the show.


Dark is generally cheerful, often looking on the bright side of situations. He has been known to be good at cheering up his friends. He is very gullible.

..I'll write more on this later.

Rubber GooseEdit

Dark is the lead guitarist and one of the lead vocals for his band, "Rubber Goose." He is an exceptional guitarist, and he also excels at Rock Band. :P When in Rubber Goose, Dark speaks with a British accent and condescends to people a lot.


"The Dark Life" mockumentary/biography in official DCA site

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