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Dark Chao Adventures (DCA) is a comedy fan-script series created by Jordan Dooling (DJay32) in May of 2005. It has gathered a small cult following and... aw, I really have no idea how to describe it any more. xD It mostly stars Shade the Dark in his many adventures from ruling the Dark Garden. It has also spawned a few spin-off series.


DCA was started in 2005 by ten-year old DJay32, for the chao-based forum Chao Civic. It was originally meant to be a form of memorial for his deceased chao, but it has escalated to be a little bit more than that. :P Once he hit Episode 8, DJay decided to end the first season and begin anew. Thus, each season has only eight episodes (which was changed later).

Plot synopsesEdit

DCA has had various plots over the years. While the first stories tended to be simpler, with plots such as "The chao go to school," or "The Darks fight the Heroes," as soon as Invader ZIM entered the fray, the stories started becoming more complex. Diabolical plans were used (especially in the case of Mephiles the Dark) and plots often spanned multiple scripts. The scripts, themselves, got considerably longer as each season went by, to the point where the average episode in Season Seven can take hours to read.

In terms of actual plot synopses, the first season revolved around the chao settling their differences and dealing with The Poker Gang and Invader ZIM. The second season was focused on Mephiles and heading into the future. Season Three was mostly about the Beta Avengers. Season Four was entirely about the city of Chao Talk , with some dabbling with the Beta Avengers. Season Five was entirely about the Beta Avengers, but also had some attempts to go back to the roots of the first season. Season Six was The Grey Journey, wherein Shade had to gather seven Chaos Drives to stop the Beta Avengers altogether. The seventh and longest season was about Shadow, and his attempts to gather seven MORE Chaos Drives to stop the Veteran's Committee.

Season Eight, the final season, regarded the end of DCA and the epic final adventure of the chao. It wrapped up the major plot points of the entire show and concluded with the entire DCA universe being possibly wiped clean.

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