Dark Chao Audio (Podcast) [abbrev. DCAP] is the official name for the Dark Chao Adventures podcast. It will come weekly (holidays pending), and stars DJay32 as he talks about stuff, reads DCA eppies, and plays music. There have been two episodes so far. New episodes are uploaded to Radio DS on the main page. Guest radio hosts are a possibility.


The first episode of DCAP was DCAHall3 in its entirety, uploaded in ten parts and taking almost six hours to read. DJay attempted Act I of Tale Two three times, and the first two times had audio problems. Reception for the reading is good so far.

The second episode, titled "Terrible Looping Skills," was uploaded Friday, December 10th, 2010. In it, DJay attempts to do a 'normal' podcast, in contrast to the rather unorthodox six-hour session from the week prior. Topics include "DCA Qn'A," Episode 1, Episode 2, a bit of prog talk, and "Creepypasta Corner." The songs played are "Subdivisions," "Ten Speed (of God's Blood and Burial), "SnowBound," and "Mama," by Rush, Coheed & Cambria, bLiNd, and Genesis, respectively. The title for the episode comes from DJay's attempt at looping OoT's Forest Temple theme for the BGM for Creepypasta Corner, and having it not go too well.


Listen to the episodes, yourself, in DJay's Radio DS.

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