The horrible promo art, featuring Echo on the cover.

The thirteenth episode of the seventh season (DCA713), Episode 63, "Still Waiting for Half-Time part five: Time?" features Shadow, Shade and the gang as they obtain the first green chaos drive in future Europe. To get it, they must deal with the ending of Half-Life 2, but they find that the Veteran's Committee has changed it a bit.

Plot synopsisEdit

The episode begins in medias res, wherein Shadow is on top of the Egg Citadel and about to accomplish a task equivalent of beating the final boss. He does the task, and the rest of the chao celebrate. Future Shade tells everyone that they must evacuate while they still have time, but he is unable to finish the sentence as a grand explosion occurs. Echo freezes time and whisks the chao away to the void.

In the void, Echo leaves them and forgets to put them under stasis. Future Shade, expecting to be sitting around for quite a while, asks Shadow how they got through the Egg Citadel unscathed. Shadow begins telling the story, and the first chapter (or twelfth) begins. As he explains, Shadow entered the Egg Citadel from a lower passageway and found a pod into which he climbed. The pod takes him through various rooms of the tower, until eventually he runs into Shade, Dark, and Red. Shade explains that they found a way into the Egg Citadel from an official entrance, and Jack White had entered a pod and been taken away, so the three Darks followed suit.

The pods took our 'heroes' to a weapon confiscation room, where all weapons but the gravity gun were destroyed. The zero-point energy field manipulator was modified for use on organic materials, which Shadow soon experimented with on the Chaobine soldiers up ahead. They move on through the Egg Citadel, going up multiple elevators and dealing with fleets of soldiers. Eventually, they reach a gigantic hallway filled with an army of Badniks. Shadow quickly deals with the whole set, but as soon as they reach the other side, Metal Sonic arrives, giving the chao reason to blindly enter some more pods. These pods are detected by a scanner, and as a result, are taken up to Doctor Eggman's office.

In the next (and final) chapter, Shadow witnesses Eggman threaten to send Cham and Future Shade through a Badnik portal. Instead, he simply sends them away and decides to talk with Shadow in private. Eggman reveals to Shadow that he took control of the planet in an attempt to bargain with the Veteran's Committee. He agrees to give up control of the planet in exchange for the destruction of Metal Sonic, to which Shadow agrees. Metal Sonic arrives at the top floor, and Shadow Raid shuts him down, only to find that it was a decoy, allowing the REAL Metal Sonic to kidnap Doctor Eggman. The rest of the chao are set free, and Shadow is let into the exterior of the Egg Citadel to deal with Metal Sonic, himself.

Metal Sonic threatens to murder the doctor with a bolt of extraterrestrial lightning, which would also murder everyone else in the vicinity. However, Shadow is able to deactivate Metal with the actions shown at the start of the episode. Eggman is saved and gives Shadow the first chaos drive, and then the explosion happens and the rest of the beginning falls into place.

This time, in the void, the chao discuss the adventure, and find White, who was taken to the void at a different time. Then, Levity Nite appears and explains to them that the locations of two new chaos drives have been found: The highway that Shade explored in Episode 40, and somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Since the latter location is too vague, the Veteran's Committee has decided to do more research on it as they send our heroes to the highway. The episode ends as the chao are put in stasis and White is taken away...


"Time?" in the official DCA website

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