"SHOCKED!!! (A Riveting Tale of Oceanic Excitement) part one: There's a Secret in the Sea..." is the sixty-forth episode of Dark Chao Adventures and thirteenth of Season Seven (DCA713). It starts the Quinquenquoi serial and takes place in future Chao World, particularly under the Ryder Ocean. The second half of the episode takes place in the underwater city of Euphoria.


So the rough idea is, our heroes are taken out of stasis (after getting the second chaos drive) and placed on a beach. They meet Ivan Mallet, who sends them on a plane across the ocean. Then Bioshock happens, and they crash the plane, go into a lighthouse, down into the ocean....

Enter Andrew Ryder. He does his speeches (a la Ryan), and our heroes go through the first level of Bioshock relatively by the book. It ends when they reach the end-of-level airlock, and state loudly "We're in Chao Talk!"


"There's a Secret in the Sea..." at the DCA site

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