"Chao Back in Space" is the sixty-fifth episode of Dark Chao Adventures, and the fourteenth of Season Seven '(DCA714). It is the start of a new serial commemorating DCA's quinquennial. Well, it is, yet it isn't. The Quinquenquoi serial is.. pretty complicated. The serial stars Shade as he tries to solve the mystery surrounding a strange new virus, a cryptic new development with the Veteran's Committee, and the shocking new status of Chao.

Plot SynopsisEdit

So Levity Nite takes the chao out of Euphoria, and puts them back in the Gardens, telling them that it's DCA's fifth anniversary and they should take the day off. Shade finds out that, over the two years he and Shadow have been gone, Chao has converted to be a Dark chao and is now ruler of the Dark Garden. Shade and Chao argue over who should rule, before Levity Nite, Echo and Doctor Eggman enter the Gardens and tell them a bunch o' stuff.

So now Eggman is a Veteran 'cause a spot opened up, and there's someone in Euphoria who can bend the script at will, and there's a new development rising. The new development is causing the Veterans to lose control of the script, and will probably make everyone die or something after a couple of serials. Oh, and Shawn's dying due to symptoms of this new development. Enjoy!


The horrible promo art for Eppy 65.

Musical ReferencesEdit

Starting last episode, the Chapter names of the serial are all song titles. This episode's musical references are: (1) "In the Presence of Enemies, Pt. 1" and (4) "...Pt. 2" are the first and last songs, respectively, from Dream Theater's Systematic Chaos. (2) "Jump in the Fire" is track 4 from Metallica's Kill 'Em All. Finally, (3) "Dazed and Confused" is track 4 from Led Zeppelin's self-titled first album.


Read "Chao Back in Space" on the official DCA site.

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