The Lamb and the Butterfly is the fifth act of the Epic Quest in A Flat Minor, and the seventy-ninth episode of Dark Chao Adventures. It is the season finale of Season Seven, and it stars Shadow, Shade, Dark, Red, White, Mephiles, Mecha Knuckles and the Tails Doll as they travel through post-apocalyptic New York City to search for Shade's brother, John. It also deals with DJay32 as he decides whether or not to end the show. Being a part of the Epic Quest, it makes references to Genesis ("The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway," "The Return of the Giant Hogweed," "Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers..."), as well as Coheed & Cambria (many plot elements from Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV).

Plot synopsisEdit

As a giant wall of it descends upon New York and engulfs all, the chao (plus Poker Gang members) must go on a post-apocalyptic journey to find John, the sixth chaos drive, and the means to stop the show from ending a little too early. (More synopsis to come later.)


Read "The Lamb and the Butterfly" at the official DCA site.

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