Gears n' Roses

The Gears n' Roses logo (slopped together by DJay32)

Dark Chao Adventures Halloween '08, or "DCAHall2," is a story called "Gears n' Roses." It is essentially the DCA adaption of the videogame Gears of War, by Epic Games, albeit with many minor, and a number of major, changes, as well as an additional short tale. It takes place in future North America, and stars Shade, Dark, Chao, and Cham in their attempts to defeat the Instability. It was released on October 31, 2008... of course. xD

Plot synopsisEdit

Ahhh, it's a long special. Synopsis to do later!


Gears n' Roses was advertised a lot prior to its release, with frequent mentions and entire entries devoted to it on the DCA blog.

Production was marked in milestones, always by how many kilobytes it was. It ended up at 145 kilobytes, which made it the largest script at the time.'s been topped multiple times by now. xD

A DCA short was devoted to it, entitled "Meet the Delta Squad."

The special was even beta tested by BlackPhoenix, DJay32's friend. The testing went successfully, with BP having to pause the reading due to laughter on countless occasions.


A sequel was planned and said to be in the works, called "Guns of War." It will be based on Gears of War 2. However, it was first announced back in November of 2008, and DJay kinda.. lost interest in it. But, just you wait, it'll be finished! Another however: since moving to England in August of 2010, DJay lost his work on the script. So, a sequel is still possible.. just not for a while.


DCAHall2, "Gears n' Roses," on the DCA site

"Meet the Delta Squad" on the DCA blog

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