The MILKMAN (drawing by DJay32)

Shawn the Dark, also known as "The MILKMAN," is Shade's father and leader of the Beta Avengers. The MILKMAN first appeared in the Season Two betas, in.. I believe it was Episode 10. He made his first REAL appearance in Episode 19, and he revealed his true identity in Episode 48.

Time as the MILKMANEdit

The MILKMAN was a busy man, always working on new schemes to stop the chao from doing whatever it is they were doing at the time. He was able to get around without anybody actually knowing what he looked like, although his robot form simply looked like a robot fancharacter. :P

He would usually appear to Shade and warn him of things to come, or simply foreshadow upcoming adventures. He never wanted to hurt his son, but his partner, JOE, didn't have any limits or sympathy. Eventually, after a dramatic action sequence between Shade and the MILKMAN, Shawn revealed himself to his son, and they teamed up to deal with the evil JOE.

The PaperEdit

The MILKMAN would often be seen with a strange piece of paper in his hands. This paper told him of upcoming events in the DCA timeline. It turned out to be the very copy of Microsoft Notepad that DJay32 was using, enabling him to see everything that happens in the show as it is written. The Notepad also somehow let the MILKMAN.. contact with DJay, or some other hocus-pocus, telling him what's going to happen in the future.


Episode 19, "The Baby-Back Lons' Rogue Revealed," with MILKMAN's debut

Episode 48, "The MILKMAN and Friends," in which Shawn reveals himself

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