Map of main Sancheria forest, drawn by DJay32 for production purposes.

Sancheria is a forest on the Chao World. It is around ten acres across by six acres down, though every Halloween, it undergoes a transformation into a literal maze. During DCAHall3, the chao explore the forest and its secrets.


(Note: I'll try not to spoil things much)

Around acre 1D is two rows of trees forming an 'aisle' of sorts. The aisle leads East a few acres up to.. something.

Acres 3A-3C form a clearing, filled with buildings and whatnot.

Below the sixth row of acres is a river heading East and West. At the end of the river is a valley path leading Southeast to a nearby industrial town.

North of the town is a section of the woods that is eerily quiet.

Scattered around the second and third rows of acres are two holes in the ground. One has a ladder in it, and leads to the Sancheria subterranean. The other does not, but leads to something entirely different.


Explore Sancheria, yourself, in DCAHall3. Read it on the DCA site.

Listen to DCAHall3 in audio format, as read by DJay32.

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