Season Eight: The Last Journey will be the final season of Dark Chao Adventures. DJay32 wrote Episode 80 in May of 2011, then stopped writing DCA for almost a year. In February of 2012, he figured out the rest of the series and began work on Episode 81. In April of 2012, he finished Episode 88 and concluded DCA.

Plot SynopsesEdit

Episode 80 begins with the protagonists attempting to continue the adventure as established in Season Seven. Echo swiftly steals Shadow's five chaos drives, and then DJay32 forgets about DCA for almost a year.

When he returns to write it, he finds the protagonists are distant but find it much easier to relate to him. They now fully agree with the Veteran's Committee and want to end DCA as a mercy-killing to stop any further suffering. The next four episodes are spent with the protagonists and the antagonists preparing for the end of DCA.

In Episode 85, many shocking truths are revealed, and Metal Speedy returns to wipe DCA clean. Shadow manages to stop him through exploiting a plot hole, and DJay wipes the show while secretly saving Shade and Shadow.

The Writing Writer spends a couple episodes talking about the significance of the end of DCA before revealing where Shade and Shadow are stored: the impossible world. They are faced with EAT and accidentally send her into Dark Chao Adventures through the gaping hole made by the plot hole exploit, prolonging and greatly exacerbating their own suffering. Eight years pass, though it may easily be more than that. Episode 85 plays once more, this time with DJay32 fixing the plot hole and ending the show considerably quicker.

In the end, Metal Speedy is trapped in an empty DCA universe with EAT, and DJay32 gives one last eulogy to the show before rolling the last credits and ending Dark Chao Adventures.

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