"The End," the seventh season of DCA (Episodes 51-79) is the longest season of Dark Chao Adventures. It mostly focuses on The Green Journey, with Shadow's efforts to defeat the Veteran's Committee.

Plot SynopsesEdit

Episode 51 featured the chao voting in a democracy for a possible ruler of the gardens. Chao won the election, and Episode 52 focused on the many troubles he caused as King. In the end, Shade overthrew him and allowed everyone to do as they wished. Episode 53 chronicled Shade and the gang's attempts to end the anarchy and chaos. The episode ended with Shade beating his son and the Poker Gang in a Rock Band tournament.

At this point, DJay32 decided to bring back the crazy styles of the previous season, starting with Episode 54. The episode retold Metal Gear Solid 2's "Tanker" chapter in DCA format, with Shade reprising his role as "Solid Shade." In fact, episodes 54 through 58 retold Metal Gear Solid 2 in its entirety, establishing Shadow as "Shadow Raid," the main protagonist. Episode 57 introduced the Veteran's Committee, a secret group of twelve evil masterminds who control everything. Episode 55 brought up the concept of the end of DCA.

By the end of the Metal Gear Solid 2 serial, Shadow is told by the Daleks of his Green Journey, and he and Shade were teleported away to future Europe. There, they found Dark and Red, and spent the next five episodes going through Half-Life 2. In Episode 63, Shadow obtained his first chaos drive, and was sent to the highway. On the highway, in DCAHall3, Shadow was able to acquire the second drive mostly uneventfully.

Episode 64 starts with the chao being sent to Ryder Ocean in future Chao World, where they meet the Irish chao, Mallet, and travel underwater to go to Euphoria. Then they are taken back to the Gardens by the Veterans, and Shade then has to assemble a group of unlikely heroes to save the day again and again and again. For their final little saving-of-the-day, our heroes go to E3 and then go back to Euphoria and stop the Tour Guide from doing stuff. In the end, Andrew Ryder turns out to be Shadow's dad, then dies, and Mephiles joined the gang. The Committee decides to split our gang up, sending the chao off to the Sancheria forest and the other guys to present Earth.

DCAHall3's Tale Two had Shadow, Shade, Dark and Red exploring Sancheria for the darks of the night, fighting off dangers and dealing with some frightening mindfucks, all culminating in the acquisition of the fourth drive. Meanwhile, Mecha, the Doll, and Mephiles investigated a house, only for Mephiles to completely disappear. In Episode 74, Mephiles is saved by.. Shadow? Only to discover that he has no drive. It climaxed in Levity Nite discussing the end of DCA with DJay32, followed by the chao being saved from the Veteran's Committee by the Daleks.

For the final serial, the chao were separated and expected to find a chaos drive somewhere in New York City, at some undetermined time. As Shadow travelled through various locations, giving speeches, saving civilizations, and regrouping with the other chao, he began to uncover a hidden plot. Beings called the Gatekeepers were challenging him, twice per episode. He is told that the Gatekeepers only appear to a hero when continuing his/her present quest will end fatally. In another climax, Shadow, at the moment before attempting to kill DJay32, is told about the end of DCA, and part of why it must happen. As the serial reaches its turning point, the chao meet Shade's brother John in New York City, and discover that, due to a troubled past, John has a variety of mental problems. In the end, all hell breaks loose, as John is murdered in cold blood, New York is engulfed in a cloud of questionable material, and the Green Journey seemingly comes to a complete stop. The MILKMAN returns, announcing the redux of the Beta Avengers, and even DJay32 announces that the end of DCA is almost inevitable.

In the climax of the entire season, DJay32 explains his reasons behind ending the show, and states that Dark Chao Adventures will not go down without a big bang. Shadow, Shade, Dark, Red, White, Mephiles, Mecha Knuckles, the Tails Doll, and Future Shade become the Protagonists, and the Daleks gather them together to prepare for (one last time, now).... the end of DCA.

Script LengthEdit

The average episode in Season Seven is three-to-five chapters long, and the episodes range from 13 to 74.8 kilobytes. The longest one so far is Episode 62, "Still Waiting for Half-Time part four: Chao of Duty (Future Warfare)." The longest non-episode script of the season is DCAHall3, "Sinister Serials of the Dark," at 241 kilobytes.

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