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    I guess this blog will be used for much more... I dunno, scientific stuff? xD Stuff such as speculation on things, and trying to sort out the many plot holes that Dark Chao Adventures is filled with. And.. stuff.

    For now, I'll just state the obvious.

    DCA### is the "official" way of saying an episode name. The first # represents the season, while the second two represent what episode it is in that season. For instance, Episode 1, "Chao in Space," would be DCA101, for it is the first episode of the first season. Episode 50, "Surrosion," would be DCA610, for it is the tenth episode of the sixth season.

    Also, the original (and OFFICIAL) Dark Chao Adventures blog, created by the wonderful Invader mLe, can be found at http://darkchaoadventures.blogspot.c…

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