I guess this blog will be used for much more... I dunno, scientific stuff? xD Stuff such as speculation on things, and trying to sort out the many plot holes that Dark Chao Adventures is filled with. And.. stuff.

For now, I'll just state the obvious.

DCA### is the "official" way of saying an episode name. The first # represents the season, while the second two represent what episode it is in that season. For instance, Episode 1, "Chao in Space," would be DCA101, for it is the first episode of the first season. Episode 50, "Surrosion," would be DCA610, for it is the tenth episode of the sixth season.

Also, the original (and OFFICIAL) Dark Chao Adventures blog, created by the wonderful Invader mLe, can be found at

Miss mLe rarely updates anymore, though... D: however, I do! I provide any random readers with inside information on the upcoming and ongoing adventures of Shade and company. Every time a new episode is released, you can bet you'll find it there.

Now, are you interested in Facebook? 8D If you are, you might be interested in becoming a fan of Dark Chao Adventures on the good ol' FB. The Dark Chao Adventures Book of Faces can be found here! :D

Yeah, it's referred to as the "Book of Faces." It is another place where you can find not only the newest episodes of DCA as soon as they are released, but also bonus little shorts HOURS before they are released elsewhere! And you can also find more incessant ramblings of mine!

Oh, and if, by any chance, you didn't know where to find the OFFICIAL Dark Chao Adventures website... it can be found here.

The site is updated a little less frequently, but it's THE place to go for.. most things. I'm still working on it. :P It is currently the only place you can find downloadable versions of all the scripts, as well as the documented chronicles of DCRPG.

Finally, if you want your chao to appear in Dark Chao Adventures somewhere as a Freelance chao, please let me know somehow. There are many ways to do this. Examples include leaving a comment on the official DCA blog, or on the Book of Faces, or you could leave a message on the DCA Guestbook!

Really, someone, leave a comment. I'd like some feedback. I mean, I would REALLY appreciate that. Are my episodes too long? Too short? Too boring? Too serious? Too silly? Too AWESOME? :P Maybe you don't understand something that's going on? Have a request for where the chao should go in a future serial? Maybe you know where that DAMN fourth chaos drive is? xD Then please leave some form of message!

This has been a public service announcement from DJay32. Please have a nice day. :D

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